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Saturday, February 7th 2015. | Ford

As the new redesigned version, 2017 Ford Explorer is predicted by a lot of experts that the company will complete it with a new concept and new design. Perhaps, 2017 is still far away at this time but we cannot deny about the rumors and some leaks related to the coming of its new design. This new sport utility car is devoted from Ford that will be quite different from the current design of 2017 Explorer. Although, there is no official information yet for the exact release, we do hope that we could see the car soon around the future. It would be interesting if the company could give us the official confirmation to make sure whether this issue and speculation are true.

2017 Ford Explorer Front

2017 Ford Explorer Engine Prediction

Speaking about the engine of this popular car, it is mentioned by some reliable sources that the company will give a new system of transmission. Some of the lineups have been announced to get the engine with this new transmission. 2017 Ford Explorer is expected to get new powertrain with the presence of 9-speed auto transmission. Later, leaked information is coming out about the engine that will be used by this car. It is V6 engine Ecoboost 3.5 liter that will give much better performance compared to the recent engine model which is 3.5 liter combined to transmit the power through 6-speed transmission. As a result, the car has boosted mpg rating for 2017 Ford Explorer. This way will be helpful to keep its competitiveness around the market since it helps you to save your money when you want to ride this car.

Redesigned for Explorer 2017

2017 Ford Explorer will be available with boosted performance and to complete it, the company will boost the design language. The company offers it with new taillights design for its back side and there will be pipe of exhaust. Inside the cabin, the company will offer it with basic high-tech features that are attached to the advanced technology to give much interesting comfort inside.

Safety features of 2017 Explorer

We glad to know that the company will offer it with high tech features to complete this new 2017 Ford Explorer. It is reported that the company will make the safety features enough to make it much more acceptable in the market. The improved safety system is expected in order to attract more buyers. Some new attributes are very possible to be presented to make the car could step forward among its rivals.

Ford Explorer Image Gallery

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