The New 2016 Plymouth Superbird

Thursday, October 8th 2015. | Plymouth

There will be many iconic cars that will complete the American market including the 2016 Plymouth Superbird. Rumors mentioned that the car is highly indicated to be released by the company in order to reenter the market.

2016 Plymouth Superbird Concept

Speaking about 2016 Superbird, it will be designed as a muscle car just like Mustang and Charger. It means that those cars will compete in the market because they are on the same class. This latest edition will be presented with its iconic look. It seems that the company will keep the previous model as the base for its styling and design language so that everything is still recognizable with the impressive and attractive look. It sounds great to hear that the car has more modern design with the iconic look that will attract buyers.

2016 Plymouth Superbird Changes

You can find out that 2016 Plymouth Superbird has 22 inches of wheels to support its high performance with the low profile tires and it has LED technology for both headlights and taillights to offer better visibility and aesthetic look. There are two large exhaust ends added around its back.

2016 Plymouth Superbird Review

There are some rendered images about this car and we think that its design is quite impressive. It is designed to follow the trends. We can say that some parts are similar to Mustang including the shared high belt line that was also presented in the concept model by Giugiaro for 2016 Plymouth Superbird.

2016 Plymouth Superbird Engine Specs

It sounds incomplete if we talk about this car but ignore the HEMI engine. The icon of this car is using this engine. On the other hand, there are many suggestions that the company should keep the old V8 engine for this 2016 Plymouth Superbird. Although we found no details yet about the engine whether there will be only naturally aspirated or supercharged unit might be the optional. All rumors about the engine lead to the speculations that the output can reach from 300 to 600 hp but there are no confirmations yet. Mustang has 300 to 450 hp and the limited edition could provide for up to 700 hp. The Charger SRT Hellcat has 707 hp for standard.

We cannot ignore that its design is stunning that reminds us about the original version with more modern touch. 2016 Plymouth Superbird is still recognizable with the aggressive look. The front part has large grille with the headlights and fog lights.

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