Next Generation 2017 BMW Z4 Roadster

Tuesday, May 19th 2015. | BMW

In future, some people predicted that there will be a release of 2017 BMW Z4 as the new family in BMW Z-edition as a coupe. It is mentioned that this car will be the new option for buyers on the market. It is also possible to say that BMW would like to extend their market. That is why they took this project as a serious plan so that the engine will be the main prior to attract buyers. Based on rumors, 2017 Z4 has some great parts to offer.

2017 BMW Z4


When it comes to its design, it is reported that the car has sexy look. It happens because the bodyline is completed with sporty look. You also could find out the elegant design for both front and rear lamps to complete its beautiful design as 2017 BMW Z4. At the first glance, perhaps you think that the car is quite simple but this is the weapon to amaze buyers with the sporty design and other nice details.


Badly, we found no pictures yet to give us a vision for its design concept. BMW has not release it yet. We do hope that 2017 BMW Z4 has luxurious cabin with the sleek design. With the luxurious details, it will be the best solution to offer maximum comfort for both driver and passengers. At the time of writing this information, we found some reports mentioned that the fans expect if this car could come out in future with the cozy cabin design. It should be at least completed with the high-quality materials for its seat cover to offer elegant dashboard with entertainment panel.


It is mentioned by some unofficial information that BMW will use six-cylinder but the output is still a big mystery for us to know more. This rumor is stated by the spokesman of BMW. It means that the rumor about hybrid engine in 2017 BMW Z4 is totally false. The spokesman also explained that the company will reveal it at the right time based on their schedule.

2017 BMW Z4 Release Date and Price

Although what we could do is only waiting the official information, it does not stop all rumors and speculations circulating on this new edition. It is still under the development so we could not reveal any single information yet about its release and date. 2017 BMW Z4 will not come out before 2016.

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