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Monday, May 18th 2015. | BMW

At this moment, people have big anticipation to welcome the release of 2017 BMW X5. From the model year, it is a bit early to wait its coming. Moreover, it is mentioned by some unofficial information that the car is still under the development. Other rumors explained that this SUV will get more improvements. Once it is ready to be released, 2017 X5 will be more elegant and luxurious just like other BMW cars.

BMW X5 Front Angle

2017 BMW X5 Exterior

At the very first sight, it is hard to deny that this new edition will offer luxurious design especially for its bodyline. We love how the company works with the lamp that is redesigned to give much better function without losing its appealing look. The grille is quite moderate for 2017 BMW X5 especially at the front side. Other improvements are added for its details so that the car is more beautiful than before. It is possible to be built as four-door car to support five people inside. The exterior is well-built with great element as the best way to attract buyers.

2017 BMW X5 Interior

Since the concept is about constructing luxurious car, this SUV also has luxurious look inside. Its interior is designed with elegant and neat look especially around the dashboard. It is not surprising that the cabin has smooth appearance. To make it more stylish, 2017 BMW X5 will be offered with the classy color scheme, black and white. BMW will use white seat cover with the high-quality material to give highest level of comfort. The simple panel will help driver to easily control the car.

2017 BMW X5 Engine

Speaking about the engine, there is no exact information yet specifically about it. Until we are writing this information, BMW keeps silent about all details of the engine specification so we have no hint at all from the official. Learning from the predecessor, the previous model of 2017 BMW X5 was built with the V8 engine 4.4 liter that was good enough to offer powerful engine performance. Because there is no rumor and hint available, it is predicted that the company will retain the current engine but we expect with better output.

2017 BMW X5 Release Date and Price

There is no exact information about the release date and price since the company still develop its design. What we could expect is the company would like to release it sometime in 2017 with the slight increase of price tag from the predecessor of 2017 BMW X5.

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