New Audi S5 2016 Release Date and Redesign

Wednesday, February 25th 2015. | Audi

There is a strong prediction that Audi S5 2016 will come as one of the newest premium sedan in order to make the competition for future market goes very tight. Its name is quite popular as a great sedan in automotive industry. The company, Audi has big reputation because their great innovation to produce smart cars. It is rumored that the company will redesign the S5 Series. Since the competition among the market especially for sedan segment is getting higher than before, Audi has big plan to give some refreshments through S5 2016. There will be some great updates available to keep its popularity.

New Audi S5 Front AngleAudi S5 2016 Redesign


We glad to know that not only the engine which will be improved by Audi. It is reported by some trusted sites that the company will also improve its bodywork to give more stylish design than before. It is a great start for the company to deal with the tight competition of sedan market. It seems that the new Audi S5 2016 will have sleeker design compared to the previous model to reach its stylish look. This way is also helpful to give better aerodynamic than before. Some details will also be redesigned such as the front bumper, grille, headlights and rear lamps to give more modern touch.


After collecting some reports, the company will also redesign the cabin through some enhancements. Overall, it has more stylish look and more modern with the premium nuance. It is much more perfect than before because Audi S5 2016 has upgraded entertainment system.


At this time, there is no confirmation yet given by the official especially for the engines. It is only rumored that Audi S5 2016 will get enhanced performance through the engine support. The car is quite possible in order to go with great engine which is V6 3.0 liter in order to generate the output for about 345 horsepower and also 325 lb-ft of torque.

Release Date and Price

For the official release date information, we have found no confirmation yet. It is only rumored that the company could plan to release this newest version in this year. Although there is no confirmation yet from the official, we strongly believe that the company will offer it with the price tag for about $60,000. Of course, this price tag is quite reasonable with the tight competition for Audi S5 2016.

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