New 2017 Lexus LS 460 Redesign

Tuesday, September 15th 2015. | Lexus

The previous models of 2017 Lexus LS 460 were well-accepted because the adorable design to define luxury and exclusive. The edges were built with smooth design that made it very attractive and we think that the company might keep those iconic details in the future of 2017 model. It can be sportier and more attractive since its rival is quite popular, Mercedes S-Class.

2017 Lexus LS 460

2017 LS 460 defines elegance. It will be revamped and refreshed with the price tag to offer for about $74,000. The car will shake all rivals up in the class. Its release date is still hard to get known but it should be released in the autumn of next year, 2016.

2017 Lexus LS 460 Redesign

2017 Lexus LS 460 for the first debut was released last decade. It was built with facelift and this sedan finally will come out in 2016. The car will be upgraded to deal with Mercedes Benz S-Class. Its strong rivals are also from Porsche and Jaguar. Therefore, Lexus would like to design it with sporty look and the speed performance will not be defeated easily by Porsche Panamera.

The changes are quite radical because the 2017 Lexus LS 460 has revamped details. The changes around the design will be competitive as Jaguar XJ, Porsche Panamera and Infiniti. As a result, its design is very sleek and luxurious.

2017 Lexus LS 460 Exterior and Interior

There are no many details we can find out from the official regarding to the exterior and interior. We are pretty sure that the sporty and attractive design will be added on its bodywork because the grille and headlights, taillights and bumpers are redesigned for both front and back part. 2017 Lexus LS 460 is also coming with more impressive cabin design because the luxury feel will be emphasized through its interior. It has redesigned dashboard to complete the more advanced design inside.

2017 Lexus LS 460 is speculated to be introduced for 2017 model with hydrogen variant. If this comes true, the hydrogen variant will be the heaviest model due to very high tanks.

2017 Lexus LS 460 Engine

Since it is the serious invention from Lexus, the company might release 2017 Lexus LS 460 with the strong performance. It would be incomplete if this sleek car has no powerful output to offer. According to rumors, it might be designed with the output that is more than the 2015 RC F. It is possible o see H model and F model. Both of these models will go with different engine as well as the base model. The H model will get V6 hybrid to offer good fuel economy while F model ahs V8 engine and 5.0 liter for more than 600 hp as its output.

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