New 2017 Kia Soul AWD Release Date

Thursday, August 13th 2015. | Kia

Most great automakers will create several cars for the future market and it goes the same for 2017 Kia Soul. This car will be presented by the Korean automaker in order to create something awesome since the demand about city car with dozens of great new things are expected to come out. It was introduced in 2008 and now it is quite popular on the market.

2017 Kia Soul

2017 Soul is prepared by Kia to go with much better look compared to the previous model. The new things are added especially for its mechanical details. The design is expected to attract buyers. Therefore, its new concept should be adorable and attractive.

The 2017 Kia Soul Engine and Design


The hood hides turbocharged engine and 1.6 liter in order to generate the amount of output for around 130 horsepower. At the time of writing this information, all reports are still very minimal so we cannot serve many things on the table. One thing for sure is that the engine execution will be the big expectation for the official in order to give more satisfactions for buyers of 2017 Kia Soul. Other features are possible to offer and we do hope that those features will be upgraded to make it more conventional once it is ready to be released on the market.


When you check the outer part of the car, what you will find out is the amazing and sporty design to offer. This tiny car will be built with sporty yet compact design that will never make your regret at all to anticipate. This city car will be built with the sporty design as a great option for you. In addition, 2017 Kia Soul is also rumored with some changes including the new rim design.


It sounds more interesting that some pictures about its cabin are prepared by Kia so they will release it soon. The cabin will be more entertaining because the cozy design and the comfortable nuance because the higher quality materials for the seat. Although all information is still very minimal to get known especially for the cabin, we do believe that 2017 Kia Soul will be presented with the well-equipped entertainment features and it also has high-end technology.

2017 Kia Soul will not be released soon since it is still under the development. Surely Kia will make official announcement if its development is ready to enter the production phase.

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