New 2017 Dodge Rampage

Monday, September 21st 2015. | Dodge

Fiat Chrysler has a big attempt to release the upcoming model of 2017 Dodge Rampage in order to replace the current with the more updated features including the specification, engine and fuel economy. The truck will be offered with the more changes for both outside and inside. It was released as one of the first average sized minor pickup and it has V8 engine. At this time, the company is expected to offer impressive engine.

2017 Ram Rampage (artist's rendering)

2017 Dodge Rampage Exterior

It is strongly suggested that 2017 Rampage should use the concept of Ford F-150 in 2015 model. It means that the company builds it from aluminum to offer lightweight body performance as well as improved fuel economy so that it will meet the regulation of mpg. By the more proportional body through aluminum usage, of course the truck will go with smoother ride and better towing capacity. The company considers retaining the appearance from the previous model because it is still conventional to give masculine look as well as the LED headlights, front fascia and crossbar grille.

2017 Dodge Rampage Interior

As the previous model, the truck is still spacious with enough leg and head room to offer comfortable driving. 2017 Dodge Rampage has more upgrades with the support of quality fabrics and upholstery. It is more sophisticated than before. The significant improvement is around the features with the new and useful high-technology such as navigation and compass facilities, temperature control and many more.

2017 Dodge Rampage Engine Specs

Buyers will get two engine options. The first is the traditional turbocharged engine and 1.4 liter and the other one is the four-cylinder engine with 2.4 liter. The former has output for more than 110 hp and the later is stronger with the 180 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. It works perfectly for lightweight truck. The 2.4 liter version will be mated to either six-speed manual transmission or nine-speed programmed transmission. The main highlight will be the improved fuel economy in 2017 Dodge Rampage.

 2017 Dodge Rampage Release Date and Price

2017 Dodge Rampage is speculated to hit the market in the end of 2016 or in the beginning of 2017 with the price that is estimated about $21,000 for the base price. Well, everything is still based on suggestion and speculation. We found no official information yet given by the company. They might give us more details for its arrival after the end of 2015.

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