New 2017 BMW 5 Series Rendering

Friday, February 6th 2015. | BMW

2017 BMW 5 Series is coming as the new generation that will go with a new style around its bodywork. It is said that the company will make this car comes as the middle-sized of luxury sedan car to answer the tight competition around the market. 2017 BMW 5 Series is claimed that the car will have unbeatable dynamic superiority that has been tested.

2017 BMW 5 Series Front Angle

2017 BMW 5 Series against the Competitors

From the comparison test, the company compares it with other four cars. This car will answer some of the strong rivals such as Audi A6, Mercy E350 and Cadillac CTS and from the report this car has higher volume of sales record among others. The test also showed that the users could feel roomy and float to ride 2017 BMW 5 Series because the nice transition. It is also supported with sporty suspension tunes that could give a higher level of satisfaction than before. Even there is a big expectation that the car will get much better full of soul than the previous model.

BMW 5 Series Platform

2017 BMW 5 Series for the platform of BMW is rumored to be extended. It seems that this way helps a lot to give great performance. It is also interesting to know that the company will cut the weight with the help of extensive application of materials such as aluminum so that the car is totally easier to handle compared to the previous model. It is truly possible to see carbon fiber added around the car. Because the car has lighter bodyweight than the previous model, it is not surprising that the car has more economical fuel consumption and the efficiency is increased.

Powertrain Specs

There is a strong prediction that the company will support the 2017 BMW 5 Series with inline-six new modular engine turbocharge 3.0 liter in order to displace the 0.5 liter from each cylinder. The power will be transmitted to the manual six-speed transmission and there will be other option to meet all types of engines that is demanded by the consumers.

Detailed Design

For the headlights and taillights, we could see that those are still camouflaged and it is the sign that there will be an improvement around 2017 BMW 5 Series. The signature of offal grille will be much wider than the current model while the deck lid will be scalloped but with more deeply look. In short, the car has more chiseled look with more rounded surface.

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