New 2016 Lincoln Continental Price and Concept

Monday, December 22nd 2014. | Lincoln

2016 Lincoln Continental is basically built by Lincoln Company and it is the part of Ford in order to complete luxury cars for North American market. There is a latest report about this car that it will be redesigned with its iconic design language. Since the company does not give any official confirmation for that report, we assume that this is a rumor. There is a big expectation that the company could present their work.

2016 Lincoln Continental ConceptConcept

2016 Lincoln Continental2016 Lincoln Continental is designed with improved design. For example is the exterior with a new bumper and the muscle grille for its rear. Well, perhaps the car will not get any radical or revolutionary changes but this luxury car should keep its reputation and popularity by offering something through its elegance and refined elements to keep attracting the potential buyers.

2016 Lincoln Continental Specs

There is no doubt at all that the interior is the segment where there will be a lot of changes to offer compared to its predecessor. You could find out that there is finest leather in order to cover both steering wheel and the seats. This is one of the best ways to treat all passengers and driver with a higher level of comfort. The interior is cozier than before for 2016 Continental. To complete it, some advanced technology features are available such as touch screen navigation system, art entertainment system and also the redesigned rear seat.


2016 Lincoln Continental is supported by more advanced performance than its predecessor with the help of 120 horsepower higher than before. The total output in this new version is for about 420 horsepower and it will be transmitted through 6-speed automatic through 4-wheel drive system. As a result, the car has good acceleration and performance. Some engine options are possible to offer such as naturally aspirated V6 engine 3.6 liter for 305 horsepower but the most powerful is V6 3.6 liter Ecoboost engine with the output about 380 horsepower that will be upgraded to offer better fuel economy. For smaller EcoBoost units, there will be I4 2.3 liter and 2.7 liter V6 to offer for about 300 horsepower and more.

2016 Lincoln Continental Price

2016 Lincoln Continental is still not specific for the price tag, but it could be more than $60,000. The premium trim will be more than $100,000 and it will be released next year.

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