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Monday, November 17th 2014. | Ford

Based on the latest issues, the Ford Ranger as a compact pickup truck could be available to complete 2016 market and it will be the addition for the lineup of truck. At this time, there are two conditions could happen. First, 2016 Ford Ranger will be the 2016 model or it will get the new name called 2016 Ford F-100. It is true that the Ford Ranger name is popular but the name of F-100 could express about this model especially with drastic changes. 2016 Ranger will be more compact than the predecessor since it back to roots and it will avoid any interfere with the F-150 version. The truck is quite possible to attract a lot of buyers.

2016 Ford Ranger2016 Ford Ranger Specs and Performance – Changes Which Will Make Impact

2016 Ford Ranger issued to get smaller dimension compared to F-150 so they are not the same. Moreover, this truck is coming up with remarkable fuel economy so that it is quite helpful to give nice performance. It will be well-built truck with towing capability for about 3,000 pounds and its payload capacity is 1,000 pounds. The truck is coming up more than just having a compact body but it also has modest performance that is comparable to more powerful trucks.

Atlas’ Platform Could Bring Better Underpinning and Weight Decrease

Some speculations related to the platform for this truck is growing rapidly and it is reported that the truck will get the same platform as F-150. It is quite possible to see this new 2016 Ford Ranger to wear the Atlas concept as the F-150 and in fact, this concept offers bigger dimension than the expectation of size for this truck but it does not mean a lot. The platform is adjustable to give compact size with military-grade aluminum and ultralight steel in F-150.

Possible Engine Options

Until this day, there is no official information to confirm the assumptions and speculations around the power plant of this truck. As a compact truck, it could go with EcoBoost 2.0 liter to generate 240 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of estimated torque and its EPA rating is 21/30mpg city/highway. Another engine in 2016 Ford Ranger is EcoBoost turbocharged 2.3 liter to produce 285 horsepower and 305 lb-ft of torque. However, those all are still speculation.

2016 Ford Ranger Price

Even though there is no official information at this time but the base MSRP for this truck could go below $20,000 and we need to wait the confirmation first to know about 2016 Ford Ranger.

2016 Ford Ranger Image Gallery

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