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Saturday, November 22nd 2014. | Ford

2016 Ford Focus RS has been announced earlier this year and it leads to some semi-reliable rumors. The car is known well as a popular hatchback that will be completed by very impressive power plant to give a real high-performance car. Its arrival could step further than the Focus ST and the engine is EcoBoost that is also used by Ford Mustang 2015. 2016 Focus has is completed with some specifications that will make it out of economy hatchback. It is not addressed for small families but it will be a high-performance car.

2016 Ford Focus RS2016 Ford Focus RS Production Speculations – Pros & Cons

At this time, there is no official confirmation for the production of 2016 Ford Focus but it is claimed that the car will be released around 2015 or at least in the beginning of 2016. It is possible if the competitors prepare something similar to compete this car and even people love ST version stated that more upgraded Focus could be a brilliant addition such as heated temperature. It is predicted that the two cars would impact the sales record for the Ford Mustang as ST version.

EcoBoost Engine to Be Installed in 2016 Ford Focus RS

2016 Ford Focus has high chance in order to get stunning front-wheel hatchback and it will be one of the most powerful front-wheel drive cars. It is also issued that this car will borrow the direct-injected EcoBoost 2.3 liter inline-four engine that is from Mustang in order to generate for about 305 horsepower and also 300 lb-ft of torque but this engine will be boosted more than 350 horsepower.

Exterior and Features of 2016 Ford Focus

For the body, the car will not get significant changes compared to the standard of Focus or the ST model. The car has some tweaks and adjustments in order to improve its performance. Of course, it will be lowered than ST. 2016 Ford Focus furthermore will get wider tires. The company will not increase the weight in order to support the high-performance of hatchback. It will not go with all-wheel drive and it has no increased weight. It means that the car needs more powerful brakes to provide better cornering and better traction.

When Will 2016 Ford Focus RS Be Released?

It is difficult to estimate the coming of this car. This hatchback will be brilliant and in 2016 it will be the time to schedule the coming of 2016 Ford Focus.

2016 Ford Focus RS Image Gallery

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