New 2016 Chevy Chevelle SS Concept

Saturday, December 27th 2014. | Chevrolet

2016 Chevy Chevelle is issued to come again after the company discontinued it before. The car is possible to be launched soon in order to continue its competition with other sedan cars. Before, the car was known well as one of the most popular cars built by Chevrolet because this sedan car is quite acceptable in the market but with the tight competition, it is later discontinued. At this time, the company wants to prepare more for the car so it could be ready to deal with big challenge from the rivals.  2016 Chevelle is produced as the third generation that has been produced since 1977.

2016 Chevy Chevelle2016 Chevy Chevelle Concept

2016 Chevy Chevelle Concept2016 Chevy Chevelle is one of the indicated cars to come for future with the first prior of change around the engine. It goes as the newest and even the most modern version that could offer a more modern engine than the previous model. Some rumors said that the car is powered with two engine option. First, it is inline-4 Turbo Drive 2.0 liter to generate 294hp and another is the higher option which goes for V6 engine 3.3 liter to offer more powerful engine.

In addition, it is issued that there will be a Camaro platform in order to impact the changes around the cabin. The cabin will get massive changes as well as the bodywork of 2016 Chevy Chevelle. As a result, the car has sporty yet elegant look that could offer some aspects for the cabin. Furthermore, some new features are added in order to give better convenience for both driver and passengers so they could feel more comfort inside. As other redesigned cars, it is truly possible that the company will upgrade all features from the previous model especially with the history that they need to reborn this 2016 Chevy Chevelle.

2016 Chevy Chevelle Release Date and Price

It is not easy for the company to launch this car soon because they still have a lot of time to learn and discover about the best changes for this new generation. They need something special to add as the identity of this car without removing its recognizable signatures. Some innovations are even required in this car to attract more buyers or at least to fix its reputation. Speaking about when it will be released, some people predict that it will go sometime in 2016 with the base price tag that should be about $30,000 to make it more competitive for 2016 Chevy Chevelle.

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