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Friday, September 26th 2014. | BMW

It seems impossible if we could not see the new generation for BMW X1 in the market. That is why it is not surprising to see that 2016 BMW X1 has been unveiled as the newest model that has been waiting for its fans. As we know that this car has been developed and released for European market in 2009 and in 2012 the car has reached the American market. Since at that time, the company keeps going to develop and expand its market. Based on some reviews, it is said that you could see a much sportier design for 2016 BMW X1.

2016 BMW X1 View2016 BMW X1 Exterior

It is undeniable that the company would not give up finding out excellent design to have a battle with other luxury cars. That is why the company has developed and designed the 2016 BMW X1 in shorter look but even sleeker compared to its predecessor. With shorter length of body, we could define that the car has received a complete new platform. Because the change of platform, we also could see that the car will have rear wheel driving platform while it would be optional for all-wheel driving platform. The drive system is basically based on the MINI Cooper’s platform in 2014 which is derived based on UKL technology. It is no wonder if then the front end of this car is a little bit short in length too. What the fans will love to see the car is its reliable design on road that is quite practical for everyday use. It also looks great with its body paint.

2016 BMW X1 Interior

There is a big issue about this car since in 2011 that the car will be completed with standard equipment includes all latest BMW technologies. Not only that, but there is also latest ConnectDrive technology for you who have a big interest about this offer. BMW also known well as the big company that will provide all luxurious features such as advanced technology and luxurious cabin will be presented for 2016 BMW X1. It is supported with some statements that the car has better cabin because the car engine will be mounted to transverse position so the engineers have more space inside the car.

2016 BMW X1 Engine

It has been reported by the company insiders that the team will use 6 cylinder engines along with hybrid models to offer 4 and 3 cylinder engines. Because the engine will be mounted in transverse position, they decided to install UKL technology in front-wheel driving platform. This news about 2016 BMW X1 engine is also supported with the rumor that the company will keep the engine lineup but with some modifications to lower the fuel consumption.

2016 BMW X1 Release Date

Surely, the company takes this business seriously and United States in the latter half of 2015, it is the schedule to release 2016 BMW X1.

2016 BMW X1 Image Gallery

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