New 2015 Ford F100 Pickup Truck

Thursday, April 9th 2015. | Ford

Right now, there is a big expectation from the fans that the company will produce the new 2015 Ford F100 for the market sales after it is being rumored to be launched soon. Its production should come true with the support of F150 design to inspire including the technology and the prices. It is rumored that this truck will go with smaller dimension compared to F150 as a small pickup. 2015 F100 is quite possible to go with the latest concept of Ford that is called Atlas. Another issue said that this truck will be stopped to produce and it will be replaced with F150 but we do not receive any confirmation yet from the official.

New 2015 Ford F100

2015 Ford F100 The Next Generation

2015 Ford F100 is predicted to come with narrower body dimension that is inherited from the previous version, 2014 Ford F100. It is also quite possible to offer with five-lug wheels. This issue is quite different from F150 which was designed with six-lug wheels. It means that this truck will be a lighter duty ride. It seems that the company will power it with diesel engines because the shape of the exhaust pipes. There is no doubt that this truck has a very powerful performance.

Last year, the company stopped to produce ranger small truck with the reason that they want to enhance the fuel economy. This car has close price tag as F150 so that it made Ranger a bit outmoded. It does not mean that ranger gone forever. Other possibility that could come is about the new 2015 Ford F100. What we could do at this time is about waiting the official information since everything is still under their decision. It sounds nice when the marketing manager mentioned that the company will launch some types of best and affordable pickup trucks.

2015 Ford F100 The Plan for Pricing

It seems true that this 2015 Ford F100 will go to the market soon. The manager has stated that it would be more than just a prediction or nothing. It could be the sign that the car will be available in the market. There is still a place for affordable trucks in the market especially with the great capability and much more efficient fuel.

So, how much the cost to purchase 2015 Ford F100? It is expected that the starting price will not be more than $24k. This way will help the car to be the popular option for affordable pickup truck especially in American market.

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