New 2015 Chevy Reaper Specs

Tuesday, May 12th 2015. | Chevrolet

Few times ago, there were many rumors and speculations about the arrival of the new 2015 Chevy Reaper and finally, everything is getting clearer. The company gives a positive sign that they have a plan for the big return of this car as they have revealed the concept at National Automotive Dealers Association. It is expected that the car could be the hit as the previous model for the customers. Its development is entering the final stage of production.

2015 Chevy Reaper

With the support of turbo charged V8 under its hood, 2015 Chevy Reaper sport car is possible to generate the output for about 550 horsepower. It happens because the cooperation with Lingenfelter and the Southern Comfort Automotive. With this engine, it is expected that the car will be more special than before.

2015 Chevy Reaper Specs

It would be nice to get more details about the concept of this 2015 Chevy Reaper. Some automotive author mentioned that they have discussed with Mike Copeland as the vice head of state of Operations at LPE in order to know more about the new look of this car and what they have planned as the strategy for its development. It is claimed by Copeland that they are concerning on the efficiency for its off-road performance started in 2012. With better manufacturing technology and combined specification, it will give more perfect performance to complete the personalized shock absorbers and suspension mechanisms.

The possible engine that will be used by 2015 Chevy Reaper is Turbocharged V-8 cylinder and Eco Tec 5.3 liter that is able to produce about 550 horsepower. With this engine, the car offers impressive performance with the maximum speed for more than 100 mph (miles per hour) although it is still taller than the competitors with 3.08 of axle ratio.

2015 Chevy Reaper or 2015 Ford Raptor

2015 Chevy Reaper is built with reinforced skid mechanism with the higher bumper for ground clearance. It is also completed with LED lights daytime running for 20 inches of rim wheel with the ample rock guards and gauges to deal with shocks. This way will give you a maximum comfort on both smooth and rough roads.

Raptor is the strongest rival for Reaper for its design but they have different strategy to attract buyers. Raptor is designed as factory-built car so that there is no plan for massive budget to produce it. They only followed the demands for 2015 Chevy Reaper.

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