Mercedes GLC 2016 Review and Release Date

Friday, April 24th 2015. | Mercedes-Benz

If you expect that Mercedes GLC 2016 will come out with more updates around the exterior compared to the previous model, you will not be disappointed to wait its coming. Mercedes, based on the leaked photos is quite possible to support this new car to come with more improvements for its bodywork. Since it is designed to deal with the great Audi Q5, the company would like to give more changes for its overall design and performance. It is true that GLC 2016 is the new entry for the family of Mercedes with a lot of modifications. With the C-class features, power and material, the engine will not be too different from the previous design. In this version, you could find out crucial plug-in to attract buyers including the Chinese market.

Mercedes GLC 2016 Front Angle

Mercedes GLC 2016 Exterior and Interior

The concern on giving some improvements and changes for Mercedes GLC 2016 is around the bodywork. Mercedes would like to design it with luxurious feel and style. The body shape is in D and the front part of the car is a bit similar to C-class model. In addition, the company also grabs some details of styling from the S-class too. This way will make buyers amazed because all great styling from those classes are gathered in this version. The good news is it has the latest Mercedes steering wheel, seats, instruments and switch gears.

Mercedes GLC 2016 will go with radical design. The updated bodywork will make it more modern because the high quality of designs and materials. The strong raked screen angles are from the C-class and this car is built with five-door layout to deal with the new BMW X4 as the other strong rival. The big cabin will support five people inside. The swoopy dashboard will comfort you with the complete multimedia monitor.

Mercedes GLC 2016 Engine Specs

Mercedes GLC 2016 is coming out with bigger wheelbase yet wider tracks than before. It is claimed by some reliable sources that this second generation is featured with V8 petrol engine 4.0 liter as the same as the AMG-GT and the C63 AMG. The alternative is adopted four-cylinder V6 based petrol or diesel engine from C-class. The petrol and turbo charged diesel engine go with seven-speed or nine-speed auto transmission. You can ask for extra service including rear drive system or all-wheel drive.

Mercedes GLC 2016 Price and Release Date

Mercedes GLC 2016 should be released at the middle of 2016 with the plug-in version that was presented in Shanghai motor show. The official does not announce the price tag yet but it should be a bit higher than the predecessor.

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