BMW X6 2017 Release Date and Price

Friday, June 12th 2015. | BMW

You do not have to wait any longer in order to know the new amazing car presented by BMW, called BMW X6 2017. This new generation is still on the list of their plans. It is a must for BMW to release this car with more improvements. Some changes should be added for its exterior, interior and of course engine.

New BMW X6 Front Angle

Although there is no massive information available from some reliable sources about the new BMW X6 2017, BMW surely has no other option instead of giving some improvements around this car. This way will be the best solution to avoid any negative response among fans.

BMW X6 2017 Exterior

We think that there will be no many changes to offer around the exterior of this car. BMW will keep the current body language that is still adorable. What we could expect is some redesigned details to make it a bit different from the previous model of BMW X6 2017. In another word, the car would not lose its elegant bodyline for its more gorgeous design. According to some report, the company will support it with sporty lamp as its center of attraction with the nice look around the rear bumper for more aggressive look.

BMW X6 2017 Interior

You would be disappointed at the future if you expected many changes to see in the cabin of this car. BMW X6 2017 would not offer many improvements inside. It will carry over the design from its previous model. To attract buyers, BMW will support it with some new features along with latest technology. It is also possible to see new seat materials for its cover.

BMW X6 2017 Engine

The previous model was rumored with some engine options including hybrid, turbo-charged, tri-turbo and twin-turbo but there is no confirmation yet from BMW until this day. Now, BMW X6 2017 is expected by many people to come out with the support of hybrid engine for its hood. This way will be the best solution to give better agility and handling for its performance. But this expectation may go wrong since everything is on their hands.

BMW X6 2017 Release Date and Price

Well, it is hard to inform about its price tag in this situation. Many rumors circulating on this car and we need to wait the official confirmation. Learning from the predecessor that was offered with the price tag about $103,000 and we thing it will be more for BMW X6 2017 because some changes added in this version.

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