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Saturday, June 13th 2015. | Mitsubishi

It is a public secret that the previous Mitsubishi Pajero was one of the attractive cars on the market with the elegant design for both inside, outside and especially under its hood. People amazed about the features of this car and at the time we are writing this, people still curious about what improvements and changes that the company could give in Mitsubishi Pajero 2016. It is reported that there will be a hybrid variant that is ready to complete the demand and trend about hybrid car. Although there is no confirmation yet from the official, Pajero 2016 hybrid variant has been reported by some unofficial sites with no official verification yet.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2016 Rendered

New Mitsubishi Pajero 2016 Model

It sounds interesting after we collected some reports we found that the company probably will not launch Mitsubishi Pajero 2016 only with the gasoline engine system. There is a big indication for the hybrid engine in order to create more output so that the engine performance is more powerful than before. It will be built as a four-wheel drive system with the all combination of the engine system to produce for at least 430 horses. The hybrid variants will be offered with two engine systems. First, you could go with the active runner hybrid model and the second is cross runner hybrid model. At this moment, we found no detail about the difference between those two hybrid models. For the transmission, it seems that the company will use eight-speed automatic gearbox.

As other hybrid cars, Mitsubishi Pajero 2016 hybrid variant will offer you reduced emission if you really care about the environment or if you are living in a country with the tight regulation of emission. It also helps you a lot to save more fuel consumption so that you could save your budget by riding this car anywhere. Surely it is one of the extraordinary SUV that is designed to be the best once it is launched on the market. Of course, with its strength you will need more cost to purchase the hybrid variant.

Our investigation about Mitsubishi Pajero 2016 continued to the price tag. We would like to know about some rumors and speculations from reliable car magazines and other sources for the price tag of this new SUV. Based on all data we have collected, the hybrid version is possible to offer for about $50,000. Even some unofficial sites claimed that the company will release it in summer of 2015 for sales.

We found some hints available for the changes and improvements of Mitsubishi Pajero 2016 especially the exterior and interior. It is mentioned that the car has better chrome grille to complete the full-sized bumper and high hood. With the resized wheel size, the company redesigns its headlights and rear end. Inside, the car has comfortable seats featured with leather quality for premium design to support seven people. It is reasonable if we recommend you to wait this car if you need a family SUV with maximum comfort.

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