All-New 2017 Chevy TrailBlazer

Tuesday, September 22nd 2015. | Chevrolet

Chevrolet has a very important medium-size truck that should be released in 2017 which is named 2017 Chevy TrailBlazer. It is the best-selling truck from Chevrolet and its design is attractive. The truck is quite popular for some countries such as America, Philippine and Thailand. Now, it will get some refinements to attract future buyers.

2017 Chevy TrailBlazer

2017 Chevy TrailBlazer Exterior

2017 Chevy TrailBlazer is much more different from the previous model especially for the outer part. It happens because the car will receive new design. At the front part, it has larger grille with chrome details. The logo of the company will be added in the center of grille. It is possible for the company to add coupe of xenon headlights. The back part will get the same design as the existing line of small SUVs with the new alloy wheels and more new color options.

2017 Chevy TrailBlazer Interior

Inside the cabin, 2017 Chevy TrailBlazer is quite spacious to support seven people with the maximum comfort to offer. It has spacious cabin design to support family. It is also built with the safety features such as ABS, ESP and lane departure warning system. If you have a big anticipation for its arrival, it might be released in 2016 with the strong rivals are Toyota, Honda and Audi.

2017 Chevy TrailBlazer Engine Specs

Under the hood, it is quite possible for Chevrolet to install V8 engine and 6.0 liter in 2017 TrailBlazer. The engine design is quite powerful to provide the amount of output about 345 hp and it is quite excellent for a pickup truck. The output is quite great so you can ride it at any place. It is still unknown whether the company would produce it in America or to make it in Thailand. One thing for sure is that it has large design to support about seven people. They also has a plan to offer both diesel and petrol engine options. They might go with rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants.

Many reports mentioned that 2017 Chevy TrailBlazer will be the best pickup truck. When it is ready to be released, they might offer best SUV and Crossover.

2017 Chevy TrailBlazer Release Date and Price

The material and the market where you purchase will determine the cost. It should be more expensive than the previous model because the development and innovation are added. Up to now, Chevrolet has not provided any details for the price of 2017 Chevy TrailBlazer.

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