2018 Ford Ranger USA

Saturday, October 31st 2015. | Ford

2018 Ford Ranger is a new mid-size pickup manufactured by Ford. This pickup can be used not only for on-road but also off-road. The space of cabin outside can accommodate many luggage, but the cabin inside can accommodate only 2 passengers. Then, the engine specification will have perfect combination. There is a little change from under the hood compared with the previous model. Unfortunately, the information of exterior and interior design is minor. As soon as possible, the 2018 Ford Ranger will come out with the better performance.

New 2018 Ford Ranger

2018 Ford Ranger Exterior

Compared with the previous model, the exterior change of 2018 Ford Ranger is almost similar. There is a roomy space for accommodating the luggage. Besides that, the manufacturer will also redesign the front fascia. To bring things from the small scales industries to our customer, we can take an advantage of the space room. Unfortunately, the information about mid-size pickup’s exterior is minor.

2018 Ford Ranger Interior

There are various improvements inside especially the material of cabin, technology system, and features. For radio configuration, the 2018 Ford Ranger will have the touch screen panel. Besides that, it can help the driver in navigation. In front side, this car gives capacious place. There many modern features for giving feel comfortable and enjoyable in driving. The seats will be covered with the high quality of leather. For accommodating, the new Ranger can accommodate only two passengers.

2018 Ford Ranger Engine and Performance

As usual, the power that will be used by the Ford is ecoboost technology. However, there is a little change for the power of the 2018 Ford Ranger. This car will have ecoboost technology, but the manufacturer also adds five-barrel turbo diesel engine for completing the power. There are many benefits if this car uses ecoboost technology that are the machine will be more effective and efficient, and the gas emission will be more nature friendly. Besides that, the manufacturer will also give a 2.7 liter V6 engine. The engine will improve the fuel consumption of this car. If you have a long journey in a remote area without any gas station, the applying of the engine specification will be an important thing to do.

2018 Ford Ranger Release Date and Price

Unfortunately, there is nothing information of release and price. The prediction, the 2018 Ford Ranger will release in 2018 with new style. The launching of this new pickup will be success in the automobile market.

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