2018 Ford Fusion RS Release Date and Price

Sunday, November 8th 2015. | Ford

The new mid-size sedan manufactured by Ford is 2018 Ford Fusion. The car is one of the best sedans in its class. There are available in several types of new Fusion at the automotive market such as hybrid type and sport type. Each type has similar design, but the engine capacity will be different. The car will be completed with new driving technology to increase comfortable. Meanwhile, in most of Fusion model the applications will be updated with the better improvement. The specification of 2018 Fusion will have different impression.

New Ford Fusion Front Angle

2018 Ford Fusion Exterior and Interior

The exterior will use better material and nice features. The bodywork will use special metal. The benefit of the material is to give strong for the body frame. In any driving condition, the manufacturer will improve the headlights. In front part will have amazing design, so that the 2018 Ford Fusion more attractive. In addition, to avoid accidental breaking, there are new wheels.

The manufacturer will improve the interior with new technology system and new materials. There are smart panel and elegant driving cabin to give comfortable of 2018 Ford Fusion. The car can accommodate four passengers. The engine mode with simple touch screen will be available in hybrid type, so that the driver can choose. Besides that, the seats will be covered with high quality of leather. In addition, the entertainment and safety system will be upgraded. There is also Wi-Fi system to add enjoyable in driving.

2018 Ford Fusion Engine

The new engine will be applied under the Fusion’s hood. There are two types for 2018 Ford Fusion such as hybrid type and sport type. For the hybrid type, the power of the car will come from combination between battery and fuel. In the engine room, a 2.5 liter with 4-cylinder engine will be available in petrol engine. The engine will deliver output of more than 175 horsepower. Then, the manufacturer also offers 1.5 liter with 4-cylinder engine for new type. Then, for the sport type will be available a 3.5 liter V6 engine for under the hood. The engine can produce output up to 265 horsepower. The transmission will be available in two modes such as 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission. All of engine will be paired with one of the transmission depend on the type. Then, it will be sent to the four-wheel and all-wheel drive.

2018 Ford Fusion Release Date and Price

The better change in several parts will give nice look and performance of the new Fusion. Possibility the 2018 Ford Fusion will introduce in 2017. Meanwhile each type has different price. For the regular type will have base price of $23.000.

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