2018 Ford Focus News, Specs, Rumors

Friday, November 27th 2015. | Ford

2018 Ford Focus is the next generation by Ford that has several models. There are sedan and compact car model will be available in several type. There are standard, titanium, and sport type. Each model will have same basic engine and interior design, but the capacity of each model is different. Besides turbocharged type, the hybrid engine will be available for the 2018 Focus. Possibility the car will release in 2017. For the standard type has price more than $18.000, while the titanium and sport type will have slightly high price.

New Ford Focus Front Angle

2018 Ford Focus Exterior

The new design in exterior will affect the awesome appearance of the car. Although the new Focus is sedan and compact car, the new style in front bumper will give sport car appearance. There are five doors in hatchback model. On the right and the left side will have two pairs, and the other one on the back. The bodywork of 2018 Ford Focus will use lightweight material that has high quality. The material will make the car sturdy, reduce the weight, and help improve fuel efficiency. The new Focus designed to ready on many kinds of road, so that the manufacturer give new technology in tires. In addition, there is automatic balancing system to maintain stability on depraved road. On the front and rear car, the system can be seen. To make more appealing, the manufacturer will also upgrade the windshield and the wheel rims.

2018 Ford Focus Interior

The top priority of the new Ford Focus is new interior design. The interior will have comfortable and sophisticated designs. The seats will be covered with the high quality of leather case. Besides that, the 2018 Ford Focus will be completed with a dashboard panel. The dashboard panel will display everything to make impressive driving experience. If we look at inside carefully, in each tool we will see the new Focus use smart system and touch screen mode. To integrate hardware and software on the car, it will be needed a new SYNC. For giving feel enjoyable, the manufacturer will add infotainment and internet features inside. Besides comfortable and enjoyable, the safety system will give feel safe in driving. There are brake system, air bags, seat belt, and other safety features. The seat belt and the air bags will be placed in each seat. Meanwhile, the smart and integrated application will be used by the brake system. Therefore, the brake system can prevent accurately collision.

2018 Ford Focus Engine

The new Ford Focus will be available in two models. Each model of the 2018 Ford Focus will have different engine specification. Although has different capacity, the turbocharged engine will be available for all engines. The manufacturer will gives a 2.0 liter turbocharged with 4-cylinder engine. It is the base engine for the existing model. The output of more than 130 horsepower will be delivered by the engine. Based on the rumor, the hybrid engine will be also available for this car.

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