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Wednesday, November 11th 2015. | Ford

The new compact crossover SUV is 2018 Ford Escape. The car manufactured by Ford since 2000. The first model was released in 2000 as the 2001 model year. In the automotive sector, the Ford prepares the latest Escape with new technologies, features, engine, and design. In the conventional market, the Escape lineup has already popularity. On customer satisfactory will get better performance by the Ford through the 2018 Escape. Significantly, the latest Escape will have the better layout. It will be better and different from the previous one. Although the car will come as the most controversy car model, a big expect from the car to be the best competitor.

New Ford Escape Front Angle

2018 Ford Escape Exterior

Compared with the previous mode, the latest Ford Escape will have the easiest difference in exterior design. The manufacturer redesigns front parts to be more elegant look. The 2018 Ford Escape will have larger grille, smaller air intake, new style of headlights, and much more. The new styles of the parts are different with the previous one. It will be a little bit more attractive. Compared with the front side, the rear side or tail area have minor change.

2018 Ford Escape Interior

Based on the report, there are many interesting features for interior side. Besides the new features, the cabin will have better materials. The space of cabin is roomy, so that the 2018 Ford Escape can accommodate more than five passengers including a driver. The entertainment system will be upgraded to make enjoyable in any condition when driving. Meanwhile, the safety system will get better improvement to give safety on the road. the technology system has high quality such as the guests alarm, rear camera, standard sensor, blind screen and much more. The standard sensor is useful to get better secure in parking.

2018 Ford Escape Engine

The manufacturer not only gives new change in exterior and interior side but also under the hood of the car. For under the new Escape’s hood will have new engine specification with the better capacity. This new SUV will have a 1.6 liter base engine. The engine will deliver outputs of 178 horsepower and 184 lb ft of torque. To complete the better performance of 2018 Ford Escape, the engine will be combined with a 6-speed transmission system. Some better engine choices expected will be available for the car.

2018 Ford Escape Release Date

As soon as possible the 2018 Ford Escape will release in the beginning of 2018. The new engine and new design will give the car has price $23.000.

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