2017 Scion FRS Release Date and Specs

Monday, July 20th 2015. | Scion

2017 Scion FRS is the new generation which has a high class luxury of sedan car. The new Scion FRS series has the significant improvements for making the big action in US global auto market. This car offers sporty concept outside and inside. The great significant changes in the styling is quite top that will be delivered by 2017 FRS.

2017 Scion FRS Front

2017 Scion FRS Interior and Exterior Styling

Now, we talk about thing that can captivate of people to possess this new Scion FRS series. Many great features and the awesome design of this new vehicle. This car comes with the great dimension size with 70 inches large, 55 inches high, and 187 inches longer. Besides that, the 2017 Scion FRS will get refreshment in 4-inches longer wheelbase, open mouth lower air intake, toned down nose, new headlamps, and new fog light.

2017 Scion FRS Specs of Engine

In connection with the high performance, it can be definite that the engine performance of this car has the high quality. There is no the accurate information of the engine system which is used by the new Scion FR-S series. Based on the outstanding news, the 2017 Scion FRS will uses two engine system option under the hood. First rumor, this car will use base engine. This engine has 2.0 liter turbocharged 3-banger. It can produce more or less 300 horsepower. The second rumor, this car will use boxer engine. The engine has 2.0 liter with 4-cylinders. It can produce 200 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque. This engine is a gift from Subaru, besides that if this engine is paired with hybrid power train to round up the line up, it will produce more than 300 horsepower. Apart from that, with the base 4-cylinder engine, this car can expect the fuel consumption between 25 mpg and 28 mpg. As the result, the hybrid engine can offer 15 percent better of fuel consumption.

2017 Scion FRS Release Date and Price

2017 Scion FRS has unclear information of the release date and the price, because the company has not informed anything about it. Based on the rumors, the new Scion FRS series will be announced and sold in the next year, 2016. Because of this car has the luxury and elegant design, the base price cannot be estimated definitely. Based on the rumor, this car will has $25,000, $35,000, or even $40,000 as the base price. The company hopes that the new Scion FRS series will make a big action in the global auto market.

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