2017 RAM 3500 Diesel Release Date

Sunday, June 21st 2015. | Dodge

2017 RAM 3500 is medium duty truck class or duty pick-up car from the new Dodge product. The new refreshment model of the Dodge product can bring the selling that is significant in some countries, especially in USA. The size of it is not big like SUV and sedan car, but the series of RAM becomes the top level in manufacturer of the new edition of 2017 RAM 3500.

RAM 3500 Diesel Front Angle

2017 RAM 3500 Exterior

Above, we have talked about interior design of this car, subsequently the exterior design of this car will be spoken. The lighter bodywork material will be used by the new 2017 RAM 3500 as the exterior appearance. According to rumors, the lighter bodywork material is made by aluminum material. One of the utilities of the lighter bodywork material can make the fuel is efficiency and improve the engine performance. In addition, the styling can be perfect if the RAM 3500 series get grille and headlights.

2017 RAM 3500 Interior

On the contrary, of the diesel engine, this car will experience some improvements of the features. It is like styling of the cabin or interior. Probably, Dodge will make the interior is roomy. The features of 2017 RAM 3500 will experience the improvements such are entertainment and safety system. It will make your driving experience is perfect.

2017 RAM 3500 Engine

The successfulness of this car improvement can extend its ancestor. In particular of the engine, the new 2017 RAM 3500 manufacturer does not say anything about it so that it makes the information of engine in this car is unclear. But, many rumors are spread that the 2017 RAM 3500 has two diesel engine variants such as 5.7 liter V8 HEMI petrol and 3.6 liter turbo Ecodiesel engine. The other one of the rumor of this car is Dodge will be revised the parts of diesel engine. It will be one of the sides’ jobs of Dodge. Many people believe with the rumors, but but on wide scale, the people do not believe.

2017 RAM 3500 Release Date and Price

2017 RAM 3500 is unclear because Dodge has not confirmed the release date of this car. It means that this car has many rumors are spread in public. In addition, the rumor about this car maybe ready on market and announced on public about the next 2016, while the price of this car is difficult to predictable but it is estimated above $30,000 for the base trim.

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