2017 Mustang New Model

Thursday, March 19th 2015. | Ford

There is a great answer if you need about racing car. This new model is built by Mustang that is coming out with attractive design and modish style as the new 2017 Mustang. It will be the leader of pony-segment car that is designed to take the dominance of Ford on the market. This new version is featured with chic concept and it has gentle shades for both outside and inside to give gorgeous and elegant look.

2017 Mustang

2017 Mustang Body Design

The main attraction will be around its body design which is quite stunning. It is built with the black theme and it is combined with white for its exterior body to give fresh look. It is undeniable that 2017 Mustang has very elegant and sophisticated look that is quite clear to see at the very first glance. With the white tone, the car offers elegance and black tone will give stylish design. This color scheme will be great to make this car very classy.

2017 Mustang Specs

It sounds interesting when some reports mentioned that the company has shown the prototype. From its bodywork, we could find out that there will be some modifications to offer in this redesigned model. For example, this 2017 Mustang has front-side covered concealment with great appearance. The car has much better nose than before with the wider air intakes that are quite distinctive from the previous model.

There will be larger measurements for its new features as 2017 Mustang including the power wave support for the hood, the air intakes and the heat extractor. Those all are designed for the front side of the car. The vents are completed with front-side wheels with rear-side spoiler and quad-tip drain pipes. It is a bit similar as Shelby with the great sport tires that are from Michelin Pilot.

2017 Mustang Engine

2017 Mustang will have attached powertrain behind its hood and it is strongly predicted that the company will renew the engine. However, there is no confirmation yet from the company about this issue. What we could do at the end is only waiting the car to be released next year. The concept is quite beautiful especially for the interior and exterior style through its exceptional design. For you who love stylish and elegant car, it never goes wrong if you consider anticipating the arrival of this new version on the market.

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