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Tuesday, March 17th 2015. | GMC

It sounds surprising when we found some reports mentioned that GM is ready to jazz up the global market after preparing the new version of 2017 GMC Sierra. This car is ready to launch with new innovation but this report is from unofficial sites. At the same time, people start predicting that this car will be the new weapon for the company to show their existence and dominance in automotive industry.

New GMC Sierra Spy Shots

2017 GMC Sierra Design

As what we have expected, the company will launch 2017 GMC Sierra with the basic look as the previous model. It means that some new designs are ready to give fresher look for this new car including the bumpers, grille and the front side design. LED technology will be added for headlights, taillights and also fog lights. Although this LED technology has been used for the current model, it will be improved for more eye-catching design with more efficient energy consumption. The company has a big focus on the body system style for 2017 GMC Sierra. They should give something around the bodywork for example the lightweight material in order to keep its performance and efficiency better than before. With the streamlined system, this way would be enough to give enhancements for both the design and performance for this new car.

2017 GMC Sierra Interior Features

2017 GMC Sierra is designed to be more luxurious compared to the previous model in order to deal with the tight competition on the market. It is mentioned that the car will have enough space especially for the leg and head area. In addition, you can enjoy the comfortable cabin because the spacious interior is supported with high-quality materials. For standard version, you could choose air-conditioner, high-quality sound system 6-speaker and upholstery seat. The story is different from the better trim with the leather seats and navigation system support. It offers a higher level of convenience than the base trim. For the better driving experience, there will be some cool features such as USB ports, wireless connectivity, cruise control, navigation control, upgraded infotainment system and many other things for 2017 GMC Sierra.

2017 GMC Sierra is possible to be supported with diesel engine 6.6 liter to produce about 397 horsepower and also 765 lb-ft of torque. Other engine options are possible to offer to meet the huge demand from different buyers. This engine will be mated to 6-speed manual transmission gearbox. It is also predicted that the car has EcoTec V8 engine 6.2 liter that is not too much different from the old version.

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