2017 Dodge Journey SRT

Monday, June 8th 2015. | Dodge

Perhaps, you have heard about the strong rumor about Dodge. This great automaker is rumored to develop 2017 Dodge Journey. It will be the new variant for SRT series, especially as the top trim level. With their great existence on the global market, we cannot deny that Dodge has big chance to offer this car with more updates.

Dodge Journey Front Angle

Before, some rumors mentioned about the 2016 model year and the top trim level that is 2017 Journey will be in 2017. If this true, Dodge will do their best effort to present this car that could be the strong rivals for others.

2017 Dodge Journey Exterior

We glad to know about some issues that the company will give more changes and improvements around this new edition. It will be built with the sportier design. The significant improvement for 2017 Dodge Journey could be seen from its sporty body kit around the body design. It sounds more complete with the sportier rims too.

2017 Dodge Journey Interior

What makes its more beautiful is the design around the cabin. When you go inside, you can find out that the design is clearly different from other trim levels. 2017 Dodge Journey is quite promising to come with elegant design for its classy appearance. It has higher level of sport design with the sport accent. Thanks for the new styling around it.

2017 Dodge Journey Engine

Although Dodge would not confirm any single information yet at this time, we do believe that this car will go with the powerful engine performance. It is the top trim that should offer the strongest output than the standard. One thing for sure, Dodge up to now is successfully keeping all their secrets for the engine specification of 2017 Dodge Journey. Rumors mentioned that the engine for this car will offer more output than V6 3.6 liter that is used by other trims.

2017 Dodge Journey Release Date and Price

The hardest part to tell you right now is about the release date and price of 2017 Dodge Journey. Everything is still unclear. Some rumors stated about the possibility to see this car at the end of 2016 while the other trims will be released earlier at the same year. We found a big indication that the price tag will be much more since it is the top trim level. It means the car is the most special among others. Because it will be released few years ahead, you can start saving money from now on.

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