2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Thursday, June 4th 2015. | Dodge

Many fans cannot wait to see the new edition of 2017 Dodge Challenger that is possible to greet the public in 2017. Dodge has no option at all unless to redesign this car because the automotive industry with the more competitive and more selective buyers. This condition also forces other great automakers to compete promoting their car from now on.

Dodge Challenger Front Angle

As a muscle car, 2017 Challenger is quite popular since its first generation. With this popularity, Dodge would like to continue its debut for the future market.

2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat


It is also hard to predict about the exterior design and we have no idea at all about its new styling. Some sites speculated that the styling will be identical as the previous model. It means that 2017 Dodge Challenger is still designed with its classic design as a muscle car. Its iconic retro will be supported with some modern accents around its details including the taillights and headlights. Thanks for the LED lights to give better vision.


If you have a big expectation that the company would like to offer massive changes around the cabin, you may be disappointed. There will be no radical changes to offer. The styling will not go too far from the previous model. 2017 Dodge Challenger is completed with modern control panel for its center console. The retro-style decoration is added around the steering wheel. The technology and features are quite promising to get some updates.


Since it is still far away from its release date, Dodge has not given any information yet about the engine that will be used for 2017 Dodge Challenger. Well, it does not mean that we have no information at all to tell. Some speculation mentioned about the two superb engines for this car. First, it is V8 engine 6.2 liter for the base and second is Hellcat V8 6.2 liter for SRT variant with 100 hp higher than the standard.

Release Date and Price

Last but not the least, the appearance of this car has not been confirmed yet by Dodge. It makes us hard to estimate about when it will be ready for public. With the incomplete information around its rumors and speculation, it is also hard for us to predict about the cost. We do hope that Dodge would not give higher price that is too far from the previous model since they still keep some iconic parts in 2017 Dodge Challenger.

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