2016 VW CC Release Date and Price

Tuesday, October 28th 2014. | Volkswagen

2016 VW CC is produced by Volkswagen and it is designed as a luxury sedan. Of course it is quite different from Passat but it could cover the needs for its fans even though the level of its luxury is still lower than Passat. CC means comfort coupe and German automaker wants to launch its new version. Well, the company keeps silent for this rumor but some leaked information said that 2016 VW CC is still under the developing stage and it will be the finest design.

2016 VW CC Rendered

2016 VW CC, Audi A7 and Passat Comparison

2016 VW CC will get notable changes especially for its styling. It will be new with a very similar design as A7. Other rumors said that the car is coming with some versions such as fastback model. This design is comparable to Sportback version of A7 since both of them are luxurious car. Another comparable design for this new version is Passat. CC design is smaller and it is intended to cover the gap between upper-class car and middle-class for 2016 VW CC. As we know that luxurious car always gives nice technology for both outside and inside. Even though no information available for its details, we could predict that the car is designed to give more comfort such as upgraded leather upholstery, improved safety and navigation system along with other fresh design.

2016 VW CC Engines

Because the car is still under the developing stage, it is a little bit hard to predict about its final look. Badly, the next Passat has been reported by Volkswagen that there will be no turbodiesel engine to offer that could get the output for about 109 horsepower. It will get higher output for more than 280 horsepower and even more economical for about 150 horsepower through TDI engine 2.0 liter for 2016 VW CC. This engine is the current version but the output is higher than its predecessor. To give a higher level of comfort and enjoy, there will be optional trim packages available. It is possible to purchase exterior items to complete your personal style and performance boosters along with indoor features.

2016 VW CC Release Date and Price

The 2016 VW CC is expected to appear on the North American market shortly after its European debut.  Is reported to not get any effect for the price tag. The base model is likely for about $35,000 with the additional trim packages to attract more buyers and to increase its record sales as the new version.

2016 VW CC Image Gallery

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