2016 Volvo S90

Wednesday, December 17th 2014. | Volvo

2016 Volvo S90 gets new details in order to keep its competition with some strong rivals such as Mercedes E-Class and also BMW 5-Series. It is reported that the car will go with some basic proportions that are not too far from the design concept of S80 but it gets modern designs from XC90. With this change, it is not surprising that the car will get some soft curves for its accent and the front fascia is different from its previous model because the stylish grille is added with T-shaped LED daytime running lights for the headlights. In addition, the company will support 2016 S90 with a nice cabin concept as XC90.

2016 Volvo S90 Rendering2016 Volvo S90 is surely a unique car because it is inspired by two car concepts. Because the car gets the impact of design language from XC90 for its cabin, it is not surprising if later the car has premium leather upholstery to offer along with metallic accents and also wood trims. Not only that, but there is also digital instrument cluster and massive infotainment system to make it more interesting. Unfortunately, the 2016 Volvo S90 has not been confirmed yet by the company officially so everything about the speculations and rumors are still uncertain. The car is still in a big mystery. It is said that the car goes with SPA platform and the engine will be the same as XC90.

When we search more information, some trusted sites said that the car will get the same platform as the new XC90 which means that they will share the power plant. It is interesting to know that the company has confirmed that they will not offer V8 or V12 to offer. They will support this 2016 Volvo S90 through Twin engine turbo-supercharged plug-in hybrid that is bigger than the S90 sedan. This information has been stated by Hakan Samuelsson, The Volvo CEO. He added that the company has no intention at all to make this car has a battle with Mercedes S-Class in the market.

2016 Volvo S90 means will get the same four-cylinder engines as XC90. Before, the 2015 XC90 used this engine to produce 318 horsepower through 2.0 liter and the hybrid plug-in version is able to generate 400 horsepower as the total. There is a big expectation that the car will go for sale in the second half of 2015 with the price tag for more than $48,959 for UK market.

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