2016 Volkswagen Jetta

Sunday, October 26th 2014. | Volkswagen

It is undoubted that the rumor of a new premium sedan will arrive soon which is from VW and it is known well as 2016 VW Jetta. For American market, the car has its own name which is Jetta CC or Golf CC. As a four-door sedan, this new version will come in bigger version. It is truly different from the current model with its elegant bodywork that bring no regret at all once it is presented in the market. Indeed, the company wants to redesign 2016 VW Jetta to give fresher look with new details.

2016 VW Jetta

The Platform of 2016 VW Jetta

2016 VW Jetta will use a new platform from Volkswagen that is known well as Modular MQB. This platform helps the car a lot to get standard trunklid. Not only that, but the car is also rumored to come with a new litigate trunk as you could find out in Audi A7. The car is coming up with hot rumor because the bigger volume platform as it is a sedan. Well, you know that the size could be a big issue especially for sedan in premium variant. It is actually a passenger car and of course its comfort should go for both the driver and passenger. This change is surely enough to attract more buyers. Speaking about the platform of 2016 VW Jetta, it is equipped for new model especially Mk VII Golf generation and VW group models and this platform firstly is used by the third generation of Audi A3.

2016 VW Jetta’s Engine

The power plant in this car is a prominent point because it gives a very soft performance. It is not surprising since the report said that the car has advanced engine quality which is higher than the current model. This new version could go with VW diesel engine and also turbocharged gasoline that is upgraded. For engine options, it is possible for you to find out 2016 VW Jetta with hybrid in which the power train is mixed with electric motor and gasoline engine. It works with front-wheel drive system and the transmission goes for auto or manual with the help of dual clutch transmission system. 2.5 liter 5-cylinder turbo is its specification but it will be available with better spec. for future.


Of course, its arrival will make the car to have some rivals especially other premium sedan models include Audi A3, Mercedes Benz CLC, Lexus HS250h and many more. In order to attract more buyers, it is important for the company to focus on the features and technology for 2016 VW Jetta.

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