2016 Toyota Supra Estimated Price

Thursday, October 30th 2014. | Toyota

We think that it is very normal if you wise to have a sport car especially for young chaps and now, in order to complete our wish Toyota has their best to offer called 2016 Toyota Supra. At this time, it is reported that this newest version will get a complete facelift for a more outstanding style. Because the report said that the car will get a big makeover for both its outside and inside along with some updates, we cannot wait to see the coming of 2016  Supra.

2016 Toyota Supra2016 Toyota Supra Exterior and Interior

2016 Toyota Supra is issued to use the similar design as FT-1 concept car but the shade of colors is available in new options such as stunning red and royal blue. Moreover, it has very sleek headlights and it is supported with elongated design to make it cooler than its predecessor. As a convertible car, it gets attached spoiler in its back as the best way to reduce any friction of air. Not only is that but the ground clearance lowered. Its wheels are built with no mistake at all with the support of alloy cuttings. Inside, a classic look is clearly added with the support of yellow lines. The dashboard has clean looks and minimalist. The audio system is available and it is mounted in enclosed area while the seat covers are from better quality of leather. Those changes are completed with a very comfortable steering wheel and an enough space for the leg to ride 2016 Toyota Supra.

2016 Toyota Supra Engine

The car is has a more complete change than before since the power train has received some improvements too. Based on the report, the car will get V6 engine 3.5 liter and the wheels are new which is more powerful and it works under rough pressure. It is true that 7-speed transaxle is mounted in rear part for melting while in front part there is extra power unit so the total engine could be produced for about 450 horsepower in 2016 Toyota Supra. Auto gear transmission is also available with night vision mode. To reach from 0 to 60 mp, the car needs 4.5 seconds while the top speed is 186 mph.

2016 Toyota Supra Estimated Price

2016 Toyota Supra is available with some versions so the cost will depend on your option. It is estimated that the car probably will be yours if you pay for about $45,000 which means it is quite cheap for a sport car.

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