2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser Last Edition

Tuesday, October 21st 2014. | Toyota

One of a hot favorite car that is quite amazing to attract a lot of people is 2016 Toyota Fj Cruiser and it is been over a decade for its carrier but the car could stand among its rivals. Toyota seems will plan something for a new FJ and if it is available as 2016 model, it means that this version will be the last model. Well, we cannot deny that this car is a badass with its muscular design and bulky look. What we love from this car is its iconic shape and even its lines around the design. It is not surprising that this legend car could survive even if it has minor improvements as the report said related to 2016 Fj Cruiser.

2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser Redesign

2016 Toyota Fj Cruiser Exterior and Interior

What makes this car always successful to launch is the surprising design that could surprise both the fans and rivals. It is said that the changes are available exclusively to complete the demand from off-road enthusiasts. It has adjustable shocks along with steering dampers that bring no regret at all. 2016 Toyota Fj Cruiser moreover, it will offer curved lines with its boxy design followed by the changes around new bumpers, side wings, headlights and wheels. It will get thinner body which is more efficient than its predecessor. A retained cabin with its functionality and comfort could give you more enjoyment along with new materials and also technologies.

2016 Toyota Fj Cruiser Engine

Under the hood, the car will bring significant changes in its drive units. Even though the company has not telling us yet about the details for the power train we have heard that the rumors said the car will get V6 engine with 4000cca to generate 260 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of estimated torque. 2016 Toyota Fj Cruiser is also rumored to get hybrid option. This information is followed by the plan of using diesel engine. The off-road variant will be supported by all-four wheels and it works under 6-speed manual transmission while for rear-wheel version will go with 5-speed auto transmission. Because the car has not get a driving test yet, we could not present any data related to acceleration and fuel consumption.

2016 Toyota Fj Cruiser Estimated Price

2016 Toyota Fj Cruiser is ready to launch sometime in 2016 with $6,000-$12,000 higher than the current model. Well, we think that is the cost to get more improvements and enjoyments in this new version especially as the final version.

2016 Toyota Fj Cruiser Image Gallery

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