2016 Toyota C-HR Compact Crossover

Friday, March 20th 2015. | Toyota

2016 Toyota CHR is a new concept that is designed by Toyota. This concept car has been revealed at Paris Auto Show last year and the choice is either it is a high-riding coupe or supermini crossover. The car is designed to have a strong battle with Nissan juke and it is reported that 2016 Toyota CHR could come to dealers in the beginning of 2016 but it could be postponed sometime later since the company has not given us their official confirmation yet.

2016 Toyota CHR Front Angle

Engine Predictions

It is true that it is not easy to find the details about the powertrain. We only find out the fact that 2016 Toyota CHR is reported to go with hybrid vehicle. In addition, the company will support its concept with curved body style and it has some modern features to make it futuristic. The first change that is quite possible to be 3-door car and there is also 5-door layout to help the mobility for the rear passengers to deal with the space.

Styling Interior and Exterior

The complex headlight graphics in this car will be changed so that it is a bit shortened and the grille will go with singular motion. Moreover, this car will receive smaller wheels and also hence fenders that are also presented around the concept. It is mentioned that 2016 Toyota CHR will get flat roof and the large roofline spoiler will be offered. It is also available with small rear window and largest blind spots. The company is issued to revise the thick roof pillars. It looks good but it needs something more to keep it safety works to complete the future regulations. About the back, there is floating tail-lights and tailgate design that will be toned down.

Unfortunately, it is a bit hard in order to know about the interior since there is no hint at all for 2016 Toyota CHR. It is expected that there will be contemporary materials with the combination of hard and soft plastics that is available with some metallic accents. The dashboard layout will go with curvy lines. For the infotainment system, it has touch screen display 1.6 inches with more functions while the safety features will be completed with low roof, high beltline, blind spot monitors, rearview camera and much more.

2016 Toyota CHR Price

For this small hybrid car, it is still a big mystery so that it is hard for us to reveal about the price tag. Because 2016 Toyota CHR will battle with Nissan Juke, the price range should be between $20,000 and $25,000.

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