2016 Tesla Model S Price And Review

Sunday, May 3rd 2015. | Tesla

We have no doubt that Tesla has great experience to build electric car for the global market. It is a public secret if they are the first automaker that provided all fans with electric performance car and now they are developing 2016 Tesla Model S. It is designed as full size sedan with some facelift. It sounds great when we heard that the company has big commitment in order to improve its technology system to give some refinements around it. Based on reports, Tesla will also release two new models.

Model S New Blue

We glad to know that Tesla has no plan to increase the price tag much and it is expected that it will be offered for about $70,000 for base version while the highest trim has more than $95,000. That is the bill that we need to pay because the engine is quite amazing. It goes with similar petrol-based car and it is mentioned that this version will be released at the late of this year.

2016 Tesla Model S Design

There will be slight update added for its look so that the car will get some upgrades. This way is expected to give more satisfaction for fans especially for them who have been waiting some refreshments on this version. With some improvements, 2016 Tesla Model S has potential chance to compete with other luxurious sedans and electric cars on market. Based on the concept, it has new headlights around the front end with the support of full LED system so that you will not find out any HID or LED. As a result, it used decreased energy consumption for more than 80 percent and at the same time it increases the beam of light. It is also mentioned that there will be new set of wheels to offer that will be a bit similar to the Model E.


There will be no engine you could find out in 2016 Tesla Model S because it is an electric car with the support of batteries and electric motor. The motor is more compact than before to offer longer run with the maximum output. It has more than 310 kW or it is the same as over 415 hp with 600 Nm of torque. It is a car with zero rpm with the battery capacity that could reach about 60 to 85 kW.


The current model was designed with rear wheel drive configuration with the output about 415 horsepower and 2016 Tesla Model S has new-all wheel drive with two engine options. This way will increase its total output to be about 600 horsepower for the highest trim and you can enjoy the driving experience like riding expensive sport cars.

Review of 2016 Tesla Model S

When it comes to the cabin, 2016 Tesla Model S is still original which means that you would find it as a four seat car with the two opposed seats for the children. Tesla considers keeping the dual trunk setup to offer more space for luggage. It supports seven people.


We think that it is quite reasonable to say if 2016 Tesla Model S is a top car with the great electric powertrain. With the improvements above, we do believe that Tesla could increase its sales record higher than before.

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