2016 Plymouth Barracuda

Saturday, May 9th 2015. | Plymouth

If you would like to find out great car with better redesign concept that is offering you good quality with complete feature, our best answer will be 2016 Plymouth Barracuda. It is a new generation that is ready to come with some improvements for your satisfaction. Today, we are excited to tell you more about all speculations and rumors related to this car.

2016 Plymouth Barracuda Concept

2016 Plymouth Barracuda is designed with the rear wheel drive configuration and it goes with V10 engine. To transmit the power, it has manual transmission with 10-on-1 bar fights. It looks iconic with the raised eyebrow which is quite different from Dodge SRT. The new weight is also offered as its significant change. It sounds interesting when we heard that the company will support it with Chrsyler LX platform which is also used by Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum and Charger. This platform will help 2016 Plymouth Barracuda has better suspension for both front and rear just like Mercedes-Benz S- and E-class. As a result, it has proportional weight to make the car has better handling than before. As other new cars, we expect that the company will offer it with better aerodynamic so that it would be the best solution to offer more conventional riding experience for both driver and passengers.

In addition, many unofficial sites reported that 2016 Plymouth Barracuda has great fuel economy. It happens because the good four-cylinder version that is also used by Camaro and Mustang. For the new variant, you could find out the Tigershark inline-four engine 2.4 liter. The alternative is Pentastar V6-direct injection 3.6 liter that is expected to cover the demand for V6 engine.

People are also expecting to see V8 Hemi engine to offer with the support of direct injection system as the best way to improve its fuel efficiency. This engine could go with 5.7 liter or 6.4 liter version. However, those engines are not been confirmed yet by the official. We also have no clear details for all acceleration, fuel consumption and top speed with those engine candidates for 2016 Plymouth Barracuda.

2016 Plymouth Barracuda is issued to come out to start its debut on the market at the beginning of 2016 and it could be at the end of 2015. What we could hope is the market still has a place for this sedan so that it could be a hit just like its previous model.

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