2016 Lincoln MKS Redesign, Release Date and Price

Thursday, November 13th 2014. | Lincoln

There is a big news about the coming of 2016 Lincoln MKS. As a sedan, it is reported that the car will be featured by luxurious designs with new details to offer. Moreover, the engine is refined with higher output to produce. It is claimed that the car is one of the successful designs introduced by the company to keep its reputation as a well-known classic car. 2016 MKS moreover is more unique and much better compared to its predecessor.

2016 Lincoln MKS Concept2016 Lincoln MKS Design and Features

The platform of this car is likely an extended version of Ford Fusion. It means that the platform could be a basic architecture of Ford Taurus. With this platform, the car is much classic than before. Furthermore, it is supported by chrome details with smooth lines to make it more timeless as a luxurious sedan. Not only that, but 2016 Lincoln MKS also gets new MKS to make it to be the most impressive sedan in 2016. The company wants to make its style familiar so people could recognize it as a new version with the support of broad grille and headlights and those are added because the inspiring picture of flying eagle.

2016 Lincoln MKS Powertrain

According to some rumors, the car is quite possible to offer new Eco-Boosted V6 2.9 liter under the code Nano and the verified V6 Eco-Boost 3.5 liter. The last powertrain is Taurus SHO’s in order to generate for about 365 horsepower. There is a big anticipation if the car could get smaller version of V6 engine to produce 300 horsepower. The gearchanges are supported by six-speed automatic and the MKS could need nine-speed automobile that is developed by GM and Ford. For the power, it is transmitted to front wheels and the option is all-wheel drive for 2016 Lincoln MKS.

2016 Lincoln MKS Release Date and Price

2016 Lincoln MKS will be an impressive sedan that is quite possible to be seen around 2015. Some unofficial sites claimed that the car could be released in fall of 2015. Until this day, there is not enough data related to its release date from the official. It is only said that the premiere will go with most crucial show in 2015 with the cost for around $43,000. That cost is quite competitive with more engine options to cover the various needs from its fans in different markets so that the company could keep its reputation.

2016 Lincoln MKS Image Gallery

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