2016 Jeep Commander Review

Thursday, October 8th 2015. | Jeep

2016 Jeep Commander will be presented as the previous model. It is still a mid-sized SUV with four-door that is built with three rows of seating. The design is quite spacious with the better improvements around it. The previous models were lack of off-road capability but now it seems that the company would like to give something great for the fans. It is designed in order to deal with any kinds of hard terrains including a steep mountain. You will find out a high pleasure by riding 2016 Commander.

2016 Jeep Commander

2016 Jeep Commander Interior

We must say that the interior of this latest edition is nothing special. Its interior is ordinary. Many reports even mentioned that its materials are lack luster and the cramped look is issued around the third row. The cargo capacity is far away from people’s expectation and the fuel economy make us disappointed since the engine for this 2016 Jeep Commander is quite large.

2016 Jeep Commander will go with three rows of seating and there will be two different trims to offer. First, it is the Sports trim and the second will be the Limited trim. For the former, it is built with all regular power accessories. It is designed with power assisted driver seat, air-conditioning and CD stereo for the Sport trim. About the limited trim, it has the combination of heated seats with leather upholstery. It is also mentioned by many reports that the car has excellent climate control system and the adjustable pedals. Even there will be power tailgate and sat radio, power sunroof and twin skylights in two-row. Buyers are allowed to choose navigation system and DVD entertainment system for rear seat.

2016 Jeep Commander Engine

For the base model, 2016 Jeep Commander will be designed with the standard V6 engine and 3.7 liter in order to provide the amount of output for around 210 hp and 235 pound-feet of torque. By using this engine, it is quite enough to provide the output since the weight is about 4800 pounds. The limited trim will be supported with a more powerful engine and 5.7 liter and it is mated to five-speed auto transmission.

2016 Jeep Commander could be a great off-road driving car with the powerful V8 engine. Its ride quality is quite great with the good handling. It is expected that the V6 engine provides fuel-efficient. We think that the company needs to give something interesting around the cabin to attract buyers.

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