2016 Jeep Comanche News and Specs

Saturday, October 10th 2015. | Jeep

2016 Jeep Comanche is specially designed to offer powerful engine and interesting design. In order to take their popularity black, Jeep is rumored to prepare more innovations when it comes to this new car.

2016 Jeep Comanche

2016 Jeep Comanche Rumors

2016 Jeep Comanche was developed in order to make it much better in the market than the previous model. Its first debut was started from 1985 to 1992. Its popularity is getting increased all the time because it has great capability to deal with all roads and the design is different from other cars. The design is very exclusive with the three motor options to offer.

2016 Jeep Comanche Concept

Speaking about the concept, we have a strong feeling that it has more interesting concept design. This pickup truck is very possible to have reliable performance because the sharp design and the bulletproof feature. Moreover, it is mentioned by many reports that it is one of the most expensive models from Jeep as the new 2016 Jeep Comanche with the three engine options to offer. Around the bodywork, it is built with the same style as the Cherokee XJ that was released in 1984. The design is different from the common pickup truck. It is very unique with the great dynamic and stability on the road. Its body design is basically the modified version of Cherokee. Therefore, this pickup truck has great cargo box.

2016 Jeep Comanche Specs

Many reliable sources claimed that it has better characteristics compared to the rivals and other common pickup trucks. It has improved balance on the street. The top side is completed with the current grille and the front lights have the current rectangle design. By adding this feature, it offers better functionality to make the car much more effective. Rumors said that there will be three engine options that are AMXX 150 and 2.5 liter, 150 CID I4 and LR 2.8 liter of V6 engine. It is quite promising to see the turbocompresseur diesel fuel motor. Now, this car has the improved four-liter motor to provide 17 more horse energy compared to the previous model. The 2.5 liter motor is also improved to offer 130 hp for 2016 Jeep Comanche.

2016 Jeep Comanche with the three engine options will be paired with six transmission that either manual or automatic.

2016 Jeep Comanche Price

We found no information available for the accurate price tag of this car. It is still hard to reveal many things about this car but surely we will update it soon when there is new information available regarding to 2016 Jeep Comanche.


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