2016 Jaguar C-X17 Crossover

Wednesday, February 11th 2015. | Jaguar

2016 Jaguar C-X17 has been announced but it is possible if the company change its name once it has been released in the market. We glad to know that the company has already confirmed about the release and the serial production for this crossover but there is still no exact information. The jaguar’s Chief, Ralf Speth has some valuable information. He mentioned that 2016 C-X17 will be a crossover and it is not an SUV. He also explained that the company has added its branch to produce SUV but it will make the company will not make the variants to compete with its sibling.

2016 Jaguar C-X17  Front Angle

2016 Jaguar C-X17 is still unknown for its name once it is launched in the market. There is a lot of information that the company hides from us. It seems that they have something special that should be kept until this day so that their rivals cannot read about their action for the next future market. It is rumored that the company will only offer on-road driving as the main prior. Of course, it is still a big mystery to know when the company will release it since they have not confirmed yet about the exact date. The officials only confirmed that in the end of 2015, you could find out the car in the market. At this time, people only could expect that in the beginning of spring in 2016, the production for sales could be started for 2016 Jaguar C-X17.

2016 Jaguar C-X17 likely will not offer radical changes around the bodywork. Some reliable sources mentioned that the company will give no change that is not presented from the concept. It means that the company will support its bodywork by adding 23 inches of wheels. Perhaps, the car will receive small changes especially around the details that could be around the tail lights or headlights. When it comes to the cabin, 2016 Jaguar C-X17 will be available to give a higher level of comfort. To reach this goal, they will provide the car with high-quality materials. Besides, there will be luxury and advanced technology features to make it more interesting and much better than the previous model. Of course, the design will be futuristic and the equipment could be the main prior to offer. For the performance, it is using four- and six-cylinder units that are paired to rear-wheel drive system. The CO2 emission that will be around 92 g/km and the top speed is hoped for about 186 mph.

Jaguar C-X17 Image Gallery

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