2016 Honda CRZ Preview

Thursday, October 16th 2014. | Honda

We have heard the issue that the new 2016 Honda CRZ will be available soon and it is based on Honda Civic Type R. Even if the car will be based on Civic, it does not mean that it will lose its original model from the current version. As a new coupe version, the car will get some elements from Civic R along with the details. In short, we could predict that 2016 CRZ will have more modern body with aggressive style to offer.

2016 Honda CRZ

2016 Honda CRZ Exterior and Interior

Based on some trusted sites’ report, the car will get nice redesign. Both its outside and inside design could offer nice style. Of course, we appreciate about their work to build this car with well-designed. Even though this 2016 Honda Crz has same platform as Honda Civic, the dimension will be different. The platform helps the car to get modified dimension but still in same stability, handling and agility while the similarities will go for around the design cues. The CR-Z will get the design cues from Type R design and the most obvious part is the front. Fluid and aerodynamic body lines are clearly presented for this new coupe. It is not surprising if once the car comes in the market you will see its elegant details in modern look for 2016 Honda CRZ.

2016 Honda CRZ Engine

About the technical design, the car is available with impressive hybrid variant which is much, much better than the current model. It has higher output even though the company keeps it same as the current model. They only improved the power train that is using direct-injected inline-four gas engine 1.5 liter and it is supported by electric motor to get combo output. This engine helps the car to generate 221 horsepower and 245 lb-ft of estimated torque. It means that the 2016 Honda CRZ has 100 horsepower more. Furthermore, there is also new 7-speed dual-clutch auto transmission to offer. Those changes will help the car to have excellent performance. Badly, the new version of this car has worse fuel economy than its predecessor. As we know the current version could get 37 mpg but it is the small price you need to get these improvements.

2016 Honda CRZ Release and Price

2016 Honda CRZ is reported to be released sometime in 2015. Speaking about the price tag, we estimate that the cost would not be too far from its current cost even if some improvements and changes are presented. The base price could be for about $20,000.

2016 Honda CRZ Image Gallery


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