2016 Ford Thunderbird Concept

Saturday, January 24th 2015. | Ford

2016 Ford Thunderbird is not yet published officially whether the rumor for its arrival is true or not. We only found some information said that the company, Ford Motor will launch this legendary back to the market. Before, the car had 11 generations with the carrier time for about 45 years. There is a big question about 2016 Thunderbird especially its new concept. Since this car is one of the hottest topics it forces us to get more information about it.

2016 Ford Thunderbird2016 Ford Thunderbird Concept


2016 Ford Thunderbird is well recognizable as two-door coupe and the car will be much better than the previous model. At this time, people are expecting to see a new concept that is from the fifth generation with the support of two rows of seats. The construction will be the same principle as building Volvo Taurus which means, the car is available with longer wheelbase and longer front end to keep its body language but it is adapted for modern contemporary style. Of course, it is coming out with unique bodywork with logo and large grille from the predecessor.


2016 Ford Thunderbird is still a big mystery for us and it is surely different from the previous model with the combination of wood, leather, aluminum and fiber as well as the concept. However, there is no information yet about the detailed design. As a new model, the company will prepare it with spacious cabin and as the complement the company will offer new technology inside this car. The interesting part is the company could offer special software only for this version.


Likely, this 2016 Ford Thunderbird is coming out with the same engine as the 2005 model year version. Before, Jaguar S-Type and Lincoln LS shared about the same platform with T-Bird and as the result, it has power unit support. If it comes true, it means that you could find out V8 engine AJ-35 with VVT and ETC support for valve timing and throttle control in this car in order to generate the output for about 280 horsepower and also 286 lb-ft of torque. It was transmitted to 5-speedautomatic gearbox and it was produced by Ford. With this engine, of course it will be improved and it is paired to the advanced version of transmission.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Price and Release

We still have no idea at all about the release date for 2016 Ford Thunderbird but some unofficial sites claimed that the price tag should not be more than $30,000.

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