2016 Ford Super Chief News and Specs

Friday, October 9th 2015. | Ford

2016 Ford Super Chief is finally revealed and its concept is based on the F250 pickup truck. It is not something too much to say that Ford is quite popular on the market among buyers and media. By releasing this car, we have a strong feeling that it will help the company to move forward. The big reason behind this adorable edition is the unique design. However, you probably find out difficulties in order to differentiate between the new 2016 Super Chief and the 2015 Ford F-150 Atlas concept.

New Ford Super Chief

2016 Ford Super Chief Exterior

At this current time, many people still doubt about the arrival of 2016 Ford Super Chief for its production. First, it because the company has big plans to design the car that wouldn’t go with aluminum bodywork. Second, this car and the Atlas concept are very similar and we think that there are already enough such models you can find out on the market.

2016 Ford Super Chief Interior

On the contrary, we should say that the design is outstanding with some aluminum parts, very striking design for the front fascia. It sounds good to know that the front fascia is designed in locomotive style from the Santa Fe Railways. If Ford would like to continue this plan by producing this 2016 Ford Super Chief, it means that there will be several engine innovations. The aluminum body will be added in order to make this pickup truck has better performance than the previous model. It is also important for Ford to make its bodywork to be stronger than the common F-150 without making it much heavier than the predecessor.

2016 Ford Super Chief Engine

Speaking about the engine department, 2016 Ford Super Chief seems will receive the engine from Tri Flex Fuel system. By using this engine, it helps a lot to offer three kinds of fuels such as petrol, E85 ethanol and H2O. The engine will switch automatically or manually between those three types of fuels. It is also quite promising for Ford to offer the same engine design that we saw on its concept that is 6.8 liter and 30-valve of V10 engine to produce 550 hp and 400 pound-feet of torque. With the three different fuel types, it could reach about 500 miles. The use of H2O will reduce the fuel consumption while providing less pollution. It has 12 percent of better fuel economy compared to petrol version. The top speed is still unknown but it could be about 180 mph.

2016 Ford Super Chief Release Date and Price

2016 Ford Super Chief is anticipated to come out soon with the price that should be around $60,000.

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