2016 Ford Lightning

Tuesday, March 10th 2015. | Ford

2016 Ford Lightning could be one of the biggest plans from the popular automaker, Ford. The company wants to surprise the market by producing this medium duty truck. As we know that Ford is known well as the best brands of automotive industry that has been producing a lot of high performance car with great reputation. This truck will be released with its high-performance to face the competition. Well, in some countries, truck especially with medium duty variant also has tight competition. It is the basic reason why the company considers redesigning 2016 Ford Lightning to keep its existence.

New Ford Lightning

2016 Ford Lightning Specs


Around the bodywork, we glad to know some details and hints from the company because some leaked photos that are assumed as the new 2016 Ford Lightning is available now. Based on those photos, we could see that the car offers more improvements with more stylish look and more refreshments designs for its details such as the bumper, the grille and the headlights without removing its signature as a strong and powerful car.


Speaking about the cabin, there will be some improvements that will be presented by the official. The company will redesign it with more stylish and even classier than before by replacing some materials with a higher level of quality. It is not surprising if this way will give you better driving experience than the previous model of 2016 Ford Lightning. There are also some improvements especially for the features for its entertainment system.


Since it is built as a high performance car, the company will design the engine as the main prior to offer. However, it is still hard to find out any information around the performance including what type of engine that will be used for 2016 Ford Lightning. We only could wait more to see any official information. At this time, people are expecting that this new version will be designed with new Ecoboost engine technology to empower the current V8 5.3 liter.

2016 Ford Lightning Release Date and Price

2016 Ford Lightning is not been confirmed yet by the official especially for the exact release date. It is only rumored that the car is quite possible to be launched around the next year, in 2016. With unclear information for its new improvements, it would be hard for us to predict about the price tag that should be available for this version.

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