2016 Acura RSX Concept and Rumors

Wednesday, June 17th 2015. | Acura

What makes people expect to see the new 2016 Acura RSX come on the market soon is on how it could support buyers to load more goods inside when riding it. This best car is also claimed to come with strong color and there will be impressive motor style that you could use. For the previous model, it is reported that the company will extend the market to reach about 20 nations in 2016 RSX.

2016 Acura RSX Front

2016 Acura RSX Specs

As the astonishing car, it is speculated that the company with excellent performance that will make you never regret to wait it. We have heard that the company will support it with V6 engine 2.0 liter in order to generate the output about 150 to 200 horsepower. Of course, this car is marvelous with this powertrain. We do expect that there will be further information announced by the official to complete the information for the performance around 2016 Acura RSX since at this time, there is no hint at all about the details for acceleration, the top speed and the fuel economy.

Acura RSX New Model 2016

We are totally sure when someone offers you to ride this car, you have a big willing to accept it since this new model is completed with comfortable seats for both the driver and passengers. Outside, 2016 Acura RSX comes with their best design such the solid dark color. Even though the design is still recognizable, there will be some improvements to make the car much more different from the previous model.

2016 Acura RSX Interior

Inside the cabin, this new 2016 Acura RSX will be available with amazing design that will complete the future. As it has been reported by some reliable sources, the company will complete it with some innovations such as Bluetooth connectivity, the Surround Speaker and other interesting features for more entertaining version than before.

2016 Acura RSX Release Date

So far, the company has not announced yet about when the car will be released. We only could predict that the 2016 Acura RSX will be launched in summer or fall of next year. With the high performance and some innovations for both inside and outside, it is important for you to wait its arrival as one of best examples among other new cars.

2016 Acura RSX Price

When it comes to the price tag, it is mentioned by some reliable sources that the company will offer it about 30,000 dollars. The cost surely will be restrictive since the car is quite obvious to come with better engine performance. 2016 Acura RSX is also coming out with true component of appearance for both the interior and exterior. That is why it is not surprising if now the fans are waiting to see its arrival instead of purchasing the current model.

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