2015 Ford Torino GT

Wednesday, April 8th 2015. | Ford

Again and again, Ford as the well-known automaker in America will produce one of the great cars called 2015 Ford Torino. The company has a high popularity after producing one of muscle cars named Mustang as their icon. This car is built with high engine specification and its first debut was started since 1974.

As the first product, Mustang is designed with aluminum body with classic style. The car is totally light so it runs very fast. It works best for Drag Race because the car has very great acceleration. At this time, we glad to know that the company will release 2015 Ford Torino as the high engine specification.

2015 Ford Torino

2015 Ford Torino Engine and Performance

We have found no further information yet especially for the specification. It is mentioned in Ford Website that the company is quite possible to release it with V8 engine Eco Boost 5.0 liter that is available inside the trunk. Well, this engine is expected by the company to produce the output for about 443 horsepower and also 525 lb-ft of torque in 2015 Ford Torino. As a perfect muscle car, it is undeniable that this new generation has great engine specification and it is also well known as one of the NASCAR car. This version is also will be produced only for about 3000 units for worldwide market. The car could accelerate for about 60 mph in just 4 seconds.

2015 Ford Torino Interior and Exterior

For the bodywork, 2015 Ford Torino has a very stylish design. The tail body is completed with curved design and around the front design, it has curved-sharp but there will be no bumper to offer. For the wheelbase, it has 17 inches of alloy wheel. There is a big rumor that the company will launch it with simple bodywork to give elegant look.

When it comes to the cabin, there will be some interesting features to offer. First, you could find out 2015 Ford Torino with LCD screen multimedia that is adjustable for the whole car function. The front body has wiper but it is not for the rear side. It also has lower front body compared to the tail body for a more perfect muscle look.

2015 Ford Torino Release Date and Price

Although there is no detailed information yet about the release date of 2015 Ford Torino, we also have no information for the price tag. Learning from its design prediction, it seems that the cost could be for about $40k. Of course, it is quite expensive but you will never regret about purchasing it.

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