2015 Dodge Stealth Concept and Price

Wednesday, May 13th 2015. | Dodge

There will be a great comeback in future if you would like to see popular cars in the past but with modern look. One of them is 2015 Dodge Stealth. It is built by Dodge with amazing design to make it adorable on the market. From its concept, we cannot deny the futuristic design that is quite acceptable once it is ready to release. It is possible if the company will change the concept if they have found the better philosophy about modern car in future for 2015 Dodge Stealth.

2015 Dodge Stealth

2015 Dodge Stealth Exterior and Interior

The futuristic design will be the prior for Dodge to present 2015 Dodge Stealth. It is built with the elegant shape to complete its futuristic design. You can find out the elegant headlamps around the car. The stylish body lines will be the main attraction to attract more buyers in future. It is more than just a muscle car but it is truly unique with more different look compared to the common cars.

Unlike the exterior that is a bit revealed for its details although not too much, the interior is a little bit hard to predict. There is no available information yet for the cabin of 2015 Dodge Stealth so everything is totally limited. We found no hints unless the scissor-doors that is very rare to be used by muscle car. We think that this feature will be the icon for the car to be more different among other muscle cars. Because the door, it has more unique look. It gives more sophistication with the look like a coupe. Most of muscle cars are built with simple and elegant design but this version is truly modern and luxurious muscle car.

2015 Dodge Stealth Engine, Release Date and Price

Not only the interior that is hard to predict, but it is also for the engine. We have collected some reports about the engine of 2015 Dodge Stealth and we have no result at the end. Since it is a futuristic car with the handsome look, the engine system will be important to support its performance. It would be useless if its engine is not enough to support its luxurious design. We expect to see turbo system with the all-wheel drive system configuration and great suspension so that the car is quite ideal in order to deal with any terrains.

Or, it is possible to use the latest V6 engine for 2015 Dodge Stealth. There is a big indication if the company will release it in 2015 but Dodge does not confirm anything yet including the price tag.

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