2015 Dodge Magnum Release Date and Price

Sunday, May 10th 2015. | Dodge

Have you heard something interesting about the new 2015 Dodge Magnum? This is a very sporty car with the attractive design and style that would never make you regret when you consider waiting its arrival. It is not the superior on the market but its high-speed performance could be the main attraction once it is ready to launch. Its trendy look is quite perfect to compete in modern market with the stylish interior and exterior as the new 2015 Dodge Magnum.

2015 Dodge Magnum

2015 Dodge Magnum Concept

Basically, its debut was started by Dodge in 2005. At that time, the company released it as the first generation with the six and eight cylinder engines that was welcomed by the enthusiasts because its great look and performance is quite acceptable on the market. Later, Dodge has seen many other sport cars from some great automakers that turned to be the hit. In order to keep their reputation, existence and dominance, the company would like to release 2015 Dodge Magnum.

In 2005, the car was supported with V6 engine 2.7 liter to produce the output for about 190 horsepower for the base while there was V6 engine 3.5 liter to produce 250 horsepower. The other engine was Hemi for R/T variant to produce 425 horsepower. The latter engine was used for the 2006 SRT8 Version. All models were built with auto transmission. Now, 2015 Dodge Magnum is still unknown for the engine. There should be an improvement to offer significant performance in this version.

About the interior, it seems that the cost production will never make to be highly expensive compared to the previous model. The space of 2015 Dodge Magnum is about 27.8 cubic feet foldable back seats. The roofline is lowered so that it is a bit shorter compared to the previous model. We have no doubt to say that it is a bit hard to predict and speculate about this car because the information is quite limited and not many hints available based on the data we have collected.

2015 Dodge Magnum Release Date

It is a bit hard to predict about when it will be released since the company keeps silent and does not confirm anything yet related to 2015 Dodge Magnum as the rumors and issues circulating on it. It is only expected to be released at winter of 2014 or at least sometime in 2015. It means that we need more time to wait its arrival.

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